theSETT is an international design studio aimed at exploring the interfaces we encounter in the built environment. We believe that a thoughtful development of these interfaces - in whatever form they may take - is key to succesfully organize both our public and private realms in a way that enhances our understanding of our cultural context and gives us freedom to partake in that context as well as seek privacy from it.

Our approach puts just as much emphasis on activities and experiences as it does on form and function. The End Users, elusive and forever changing, are the focus of our attention and our goal is to create environments that will enrich their lives by providing a meaningful and facilitating stage for their endeavors.

With a decade's worth of experience in the fields of architecture and art, all of it gained in varied cultural contexts, we are well prepared to take on a wide range of design challenges. Whether it is a public space, a building, or a concept for public art, we approach the problem with the same focus on the experiential qualities of the end product, all in the hopes of creating great civic and private places that will enrich the lives of their current and future inhabitants.
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